Louvain Christmas Market 2019

For this 34th edition the Christmas Market from Louvain opens the doors on Wednesday the 7th of december at 12 a.m.. From that moment on, you are very welcome to enjoy the unique and authentic atmosphere on the Hoover- and Ladeuzesquare in the centre of the town.

The Christmas Market in Louvain is one of the oldest in Belgium. It exhales a unique and very authentic atmosphere in the historic heart of the town.

Local residents, students and tourists find the way to the more than hundred stalls with a large range of Christmas items.

If you are looking for handmade gifts, lovely appetizers or virtuous potions, everything is possible here !

rediscover the atmosphere of the past years

During the period of the Christmas Market we take care of the atmosphere that is so particular at Christmas time.

It is taken care of by some artists (like Sammy Moore, Celien Hermans or Garry Hagger) and some mobile acts.

120 authentic stalls offering the most exquisite delicacies for a festive table, the best drinks in a fairylike, cosy atmosphere.

The Leuven Christmas Market stands for authenticity. Here, you will find the most original gifts. Whether you are looking for presents to put under your Christmas tree, decorations to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland, or a nice treat for your dog or cat, the Leuven Christmas Market is the place to be!

yummy food

• Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup, churros, all kinds of waffles, doughnuts, Hungarian chimney cakes, hot chocolate, brownies, Irish coffee, pancakes, mulled wine, stuffed spice cookies, cuberdons, chocolates, ‘maton’ cakes, ...

• German sausages, ‘Haute Dogs’ from ‘Würst’, the real American hamburger, pulled pork, tartiflettes, ‘witches’ casserole’, Brexit burgers, torch brochettes, oysters, lobster, jacked potatoes, pasta 4 ways, deli meats from different countries ...

something for everyone

• handcrafted jewelry, wooden baskets, water fountains, tree decorations, Russian souvenirs, Swedish herbs, star-shaped lamps from India, Spanish slippers, Polish handicraft, all kinds of presents form the Provence, led mood lighting, blankets, smart aprons, warm socks, spectacular hats and caps, and of course colorful scarfs ...

• products made of Greek olive oil, Portuguese sweets, outside decorations, Christmas table decoration, lights, lanterns, Christmas cards, candles, Christmas trees, ...

bar “at rudolph’s”

“At Rudolph’s”, the coziest bar in town, you can feel the true spirit of Christmas.
Take a rest, relax or meet some friends while enjoying a sparkling Christmas beer or a special coffee. Good mood and warm atmosphere guaranteed!

“At Rudolph’s” has the same opening hours as the Leuven Christmas Market.

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